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doctor looking at man's knee

Patient Referrals to Our Clarkston, MI Practice

At Oakland Orthopedic Institute, our doctors and staff take pride in the medical treatment we provide to patients, and we welcome new patients at our practice in Clarkston, MI. Our goal is to make patient referrals easy using the form on this page. Just fill out the fields with the relevant information about the patient and submit the form for us to review. We’ll make sure the information gets processed properly, so we start caring for the orthopedic or podiatric issues that afflict the patient. Our medical practice has been active in the medical community since 2018, and since then, our staff and collective expertise have grown. Let our medical professionals rectify the pain and damage of trauma, sports injuries, and everyday aches and pains by referring a patient today.

Referral Form

  • Patient Information
  • Insurance Information
  • Service Requested
  • Physician Services
  • Functional Restoration Program Services
  • Referral Party Information

Get Treatment & Therapy for Your Orthopedic Needs