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man experiencing back pain

Insurance Accepted at Oakland Orthopedic Institute

At our Clarkston, MI practice, we want to make sure you can receive the medical care you need for your physical pain and suffering. Oakland Orthopedic Institute accepts a wide array of insurance options to cover the expenses of treatment. Review our list of acceptable medical insurance providers to verify yours is a part of our network. Medical insurance greatly reduces the financial burden of medical care for patients. Whether your affliction is recent and substantial, or your arthritis has developed into debilitating aches and movement issues, our doctors and staff will treat you to ensure the best possible outcome. Insurance covers a broad range of procedures and therapies, for which we will process the claims to get your necessary treatments approved. If you have any questions about the orthopedic or podiatric care we provide, give us a call today to speak with a member of our staff. We’ll help you schedule an appointment, so you can receive the medical attention you deserve.

Get Treatment & Therapy for Your Orthopedic Needs