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About Oakland Orthopedic Institute

Oakland Orthopedic Institute started in 2018 as a practice with two physicians and a mission to change the way clinics offered orthopedic and podiatric care to their community. We drove that new standard through a commitment to excellence, innovation, and learning to continually define patient care standards. Since we began our practice, Oakland Orthopedic Institute has expanded with three more medical providers whose expertise in spine and orthopedic care has received recognition from patients and the medical community throughout the area. We’re setting the benchmark in orthopedic and podiatric care in Clarkston, MI. Dr. Milana Gordon is one of the talented specialists you will see at our clinic. She’s a board-certified podiatric surgeon with extensive training and expertise, along with a special interest in wound care and limb salvage. Her impressive credentials and quality patient care are a testament to the standards you should expect when you visit us for treatment.

doctor looking at spine model

Our Clinic Today

Today, Oakland Orthopedic Institute offers comprehensive treatment and therapy for your total musculoskeletal care by a staff of board-certified physicians. We provide each patient with the attention and care they deserve from an outstanding orthopedic and podiatric clinic. You’ll always receive total body care to ensure complete healing and recovery for your overall well-being. Our specialists treat a wide variety of issues such as sports injuries, arthritis, trauma, tendinitis, and the aches and pains you experience every day. There’s no need to travel to different clinics while receiving care from us since we offer X-ray and casting services at our location in Clarkston, MI. All our medical care providers come from the top tier of their programs, helping us maintain our high standards for treatment. We go above and beyond to make your experience at our clinic a genuinely satisfying visit every time.

Proficient Care for Your Medical Needs

Our team of physicians and specialists are ready to help you recover from whatever orthopedic or podiatric afflictions you’re enduring. You don’t have to suffer for long when the proficient services of Oakland Orthopedic Institute are available in Clarkston, MI. We’ll keep your life in motion by discussing your medical issue, determining the proper treatment, and providing healing surgical and non-surgical care. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at our clinic. You can reach us at 248-384-8350 when you’re ready to resolve the pain and mobility and live a full life again.

Get Treatment & Therapy for Your Orthopedic Needs